Daughter of Islam,
Book I. 
Come with me on this  exciting journey to numerous countries, and different cultures. Watch as a major transformational change occurs in the world.
 Follow a young Muslim girl from the bondage of a child bride to freedom, from total hopelessness to becoming the greatest world leader in recorded history.
 Find out what happens when Iran fires nuclear warheads into Israel. Will a civil war be waged across the United States of America?  
Who wins when am Islamic revolution spreads around the globe, enveloping entire continents with the flames of drastic change.
 This book is now available on Amazon in book format and as a Kindle e-book. You can sample the first few chapters and see if you want to read the entire novel.
I have begun writing the second volume of this trilogy - The Precipice. I plan to complete it by the end of the winter 2014.