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Have you wondered why the Middle East is always a source of unrest and violence? Have you sometimes thought that we would all be better off if "those people" would just vanish? Are you tired of listening to the conflicting reports of new age "journalists" that remind us of the old Soviet state sponsored propaganda machines? I was tired of it too, so I wrote a fictional novel that would bring a new perspective to the questions that have remained unanswered for decades. Even Winston Churchill warned us of the future that we are now living. Why didn't we listen when we had the opportunity to change that future? Perhaps there is only one solution - one we are reluctant to hear. Read Safina, Daughter of Islam. Imagine a different world where our children would be safe and free.
Order Safina, Daughter of Islam, through Amazon in book format or kindle edition. The second book in this trilogy will be finished by the end of 2014 - just in time for drastic changes in the world and in our society.