I have lived an exciting, wonderful, colorful and useful life - and continue to do so. I resided in the Middle East for 15 years, had combat training, and have attended various institutions of learning. I am a published writer under a different name and have produced videos, and fiction and non fiction works.  
I have been awarded national writing awards and have been involved in politics since I was old enough to sit on the floor and listen to my parents talking about it.  
I am the daughter of a WWII Veteran, career Naval Officer.
Safina, Daughter of Islam
This story is one of passion, war, intrigue, action, tears and love. A story about extreme bravery and personal sacrifice. This book will change the way people understand Islamic Jihad and how it affects the lives of everyone alive today.  
This is the first book in a trilogy that spans  75 years and 3 continents. It describes the clashing of cultures and religions, barbarism and civilization.
This is a story that grabs the reader from  page 1 to the last page of the last book!!
From Iraq to Holland, from Paris to Washington DC, and Baghdad to Cairo and Jerusalem - you will become a world traveler as you come with me on this adventure!
. . . .